Gene NameYGL061C (DUO1)
SGD DescriptionEssential mitotic spindle protein required to maintain spindle integrity and kinetochore function, part of the multisubunit DASH complex which binds microtubules and is transferred to the kinetochore prior to mitosis
Biological Process• Response to stress • Response to osmotic stress • Spindle assembly • Cell proliferation • Cell cycle • Chromosome segregation • Microtubule cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis • Nuclear division • Mitosis • Organelle organization and biogenesis • Cytoskeleton organization and biogenesis
Molecular Function• Molecular_function unknown
Cellular Component• Nucleus • Chromosome, pericentric region • Kinetochore • Cytoplasm • Cytoskeleton • Microtubule cytoskeleton • Spindle • Microtubule organizing center • Spindle pole body