Gene NameYOL013C (HRD1)
SGD DescriptionUbiquitin-protein ligase; required for endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD) of misfolded proteins; genetically linked to the unfolded protein response (UPR); regulated through association with Hrd3p; contains an H2 ring finger; likely plays a general role in targeting proteins that persistently associate with and potentially obstruct the ER-localized translocon
Biological Process• cellular process • cellular physiological process • cellular metabolism • cellular catabolism • cellular macromolecule catabolism • cellular protein catabolism • proteolysis during cellular protein catabolism • misfolded or incompletely synthesized protein catabolism • ER-associated protein catabolism • modification-dependent protein catabolism • ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism • proteasomal ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolism • cellular macromolecule metabolism • cellular protein metabolism • proteolysis • physiological process • metabolism • catabolism • macromolecule catabolism • biopolymer catabolism • protein catabolism • macromolecule metabolism • biopolymer metabolism • protein metabolism • primary metabolism
Molecular Function• catalytic activity • ligase activity • ligase activity, forming carbon-nitrogen bonds • acid-amino acid ligase activity • ubiquitin-protein ligase activity
Cellular Component• cell • intracellular • cytoplasm • endoplasmic reticulum • endoplasmic reticulum membrane • intracellular organelle • intracellular membrane-bound organelle • membrane • endomembrane system • nuclear envelope-endoplasmic reticulum network • organelle membrane • organelle • membrane-bound organelle