Gene NameYOL003C (PFA4)
SGD DescriptionPalmitoyltransferase with autoacylation activity, required for palmitoylation of amino acid permeases containing a C-terminal Phe-Trp-Cys site; required for modification of Chs3p; member of the DHHC family of putative palmitoyltransferases
Biological Process• cellular process • cellular physiological process • cellular metabolism • cellular biosynthesis • macromolecule biosynthesis • protein biosynthesis • lipoprotein biosynthesis • protein amino acid lipidation • protein palmitoylation • protein amino acid palmitoylation • cellular macromolecule metabolism • cellular protein metabolism • lipoprotein metabolism • protein modification • protein amino acid acylation • physiological process • metabolism • biosynthesis • macromolecule metabolism • biopolymer metabolism • biopolymer modification • protein metabolism • primary metabolism
Molecular Function• catalytic activity • transferase activity • transferase activity, transferring acyl groups • transferase activity, transferring groups other than amino-acyl groups • acyltransferase activity • palmitoyltransferase activity • protein-cysteine S-palmitoleyltransferase activity • S-acyltransferase activity • protein-cysteine S-acyltransferase activity
Cellular Component• cellular component unknown