Gene NameYOL002C (IZH2)
SGD DescriptionPlasma membrane protein involved in zinc homeostasis and osmotin-induced apoptosis; transcription regulated by Zap1p, zinc and fatty acid levels; similar to mammalian adiponectins; deletion increases sensitivity to elevated zinc
Biological Process• physiological process • metabolism • primary metabolism • lipid metabolism • cellular process • cellular physiological process • cell homeostasis • cell ion homeostasis • cation homeostasis • di-, tri-valent inorganic cation homeostasis • zinc ion homeostasis • metal ion homeostasis • transition metal ion homeostasis • homeostasis • ion homeostasis • response to stimulus • response to abiotic stimulus • response to chemical stimulus • response to inorganic substance • response to metal ion • response to zinc ion
Molecular Function• binding • ion binding • metal ion binding
Cellular Component• cell • membrane • intrinsic to membrane • integral to membrane