Gene NameYIL147C (SLN1)
SGD DescriptionHistidine kinase osmosensor that regulates a MAP kinase cascade; transmembrane protein with an intracellular kinase domain that signals to Ypd1p and Ssk1p, thereby forming a phosphorelay system similar to bacterial two-component regulators
Biological Process• cellular process • cellular physiological process • cellular metabolism • cellular macromolecule metabolism • cellular protein metabolism • protein modification • protein amino acid phosphorylation • phosphorus metabolism • phosphate metabolism • phosphorylation • physiological process • metabolism • macromolecule metabolism • biopolymer metabolism • biopolymer modification • protein metabolism • primary metabolism • cell communication • signal transduction • cell surface receptor linked signal transduction • osmosensory signaling pathway • osmosensory signaling pathway via two-component system • two-component signal transduction system (phosphorelay) • oxygen and reactive oxygen species metabolism • response to oxidative stress • response to reactive oxygen species • response to hydrogen peroxide • response to stimulus • response to abiotic stimulus • response to chemical stimulus • response to stress
Molecular Function• catalytic activity • transferase activity • transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups • kinase activity • protein kinase activity • protein histidine kinase activity • two-component sensor activity • phosphotransferase activity, alcohol group as acceptor • phosphotransferase activity, nitrogenous group as acceptor • signal transducer activity • receptor activity • transmembrane receptor activity • osmosensor activity
Cellular Component• cell • membrane • plasma membrane