Welcome to the Yeast Gene Order Browser. YGOB is an online tool for visualising the syntenic context of any gene from several yeast genomes. There are detailed user guidelines. Standard bioinformatics tools are available through the browser interface and the icons for each are explained on the help page.

You can start browsing immediately by typing the name of a yeast gene in the control console at the bottom of this page (e.g. ADH1).
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The Yeast Gene Order Browser: combining curated homology and syntenic context reveals gene fate in polyploid species
Byrne KP and Wolfe KH
Genome Research. 2005 Oct;15(10):1456-61
Supplemental:  Supplemental Methods  Methods  Supplemental Table 1 - Gene sets, homology, tandem repeats and ohnologs  Table 1  Supplemental Table 2 - Full Ohnolog Lists from S. cerevisiae, S. castellii and C. glabrata  Table 2 
Version 8 beta  (Nov2022)  BETA Earlier versions...
The beta release of Version 8 of YGOB was made public in November 2022. We've added a large number of new genomes, some sequenced and annotated to chromosome level ourselves, and some from other groups. There are now 23 post-WGD genomes in YGOB, and 14 non-WGD genomes, plus the ancestral gene order. We've also updated the S. cerevisiae data in YGOB to the latest SGD release (R64-R3-1 dated 22nd Nov 2022). Many genomes are not displayed by default - use the drop down menus in the control panel or the genus expansion buttons in the sidebar to toggle genomes on and off.

The genomic data for Version 8 is locked, however we are still manually curating homology assignments. Once this work is complete a final release of Version 8 will take place. For datasets and screenshots for use in publications we suggest continuing to use Version 7 for now, until the full release of Version 8 is launched. If you notice any bugs please email
  1. Genome Sequences (V8)

  2. Homology (V7)
  3. Gene Order & Annotation (V7)
  4. Protein & Nucleotide Sequences (V7)

  5. Species Phylogeny
  6. GenBank/ENA Annotations
  7. S. cerevisiae Ohnologs
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